Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Millennial Project

About two weeks ago, my friends Nicole (WORD for Teens), Katherine (If Only He Had a Beard) and I were all procrastinating studying for our finals and writing term papers and such when Katherine came up with an idea for a new blog: The Millennial Project.

The point of it all is to examine how our generation is viewed by those of us considered a part of it (people born from the mid 80's to the late 90's). We are often complained about as the "Me Generation." We are, to our elders, the generation with no patience, little empathy, and concern only for ourselves. We demand things on the spot and don't value hard work. OR DO WE?

As members of the millennial generation, Nicole, Katherine and I wanted to prove that we are about way more than that. We want to show that although there are certainly some kids out there who fit that extremely generalized description, the vast majority of us are not like that at all.

The really cool thing about this blog is that it's not just the three of us that will be posting (although we will be, don't worry!) We're asking for anyone who's a part of this generation to submit "any artwork, writing pieces, thoughts, diatribes, videos that you feel offer your stance on our generation." We want to hear from YOU.

The blog is still under construction, but you can feel free to check out what we've got so far at Here you can find out how to submit work or contact us with questions.


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