Saturday, May 14, 2011

Doctor Who S6 E4 "The Doctor's Wife"

I know this is my third Doctor Who post in a row... but it's kinda taking over my life right now. In a good way!

I'm going to start off by saying that today's episode, written by Neil Gaiman blew me away. It was very emotional and nostalgic and, of course, clever.

If your interested in watching this episode but haven't seen it yet GO NO FURTHER. I can't talk about it without giving away a big-ish *spoiler* having to do with the name of the episode, so go watch it now! It's so worth it.

This one begins on a strange "world" where several people (and an Ood) are attempting a kind of operation on a girl called Idris.
We then cut to the Doctor, Amy, and Rory on board the TARDIS. Eventually, through a misconstrued piece of "mail" they end up on the strange "world," which they are told is called the House. Some shenanigans ensue (well not really shenanigans; they're not that silly) and it turns out that the House is an evil parasite which has now leeched onto the TARDIS's body and the soul of the TARDIS is now inside Idris's body. This means that HOLY COW THE TARDIS CAN TALK.

What follows is completely adorable and has convinced me that the Doctor and the TARDIS are a "one true pairing." The episode is called "The Doctor's Wife" for a reason. The connection between the two of them is completely indescribable. To me, during certain scenes, I got that feeling that you get when things are just so awesome and so right that you are completely engrossed in the moment and can't wait for what's next. And guess what? This episode delivers.

Although not the creepiest Who villain ever, I did like how the House played with Amy and Rory's minds, which let us see into their heads. Although the circumstances are terrible, it's was a good chance to get in a cute moment where we can see just how much they love each other.

One of my favorite parts of this episode was the reappearance of the old TARDIS control room. My favorite Doctor is Ten, so for me, this was awesome. I had forgotten how much I had missed that old control room, and it was actually quite nostalgic (even though I've been watching Doctor Who for.... let's see... four months. This series IS that good!)

As usual, I'm left thinking about all the various hints that are given for future episodes, but perhaps now more than ever, the most apparent question is who is River Song? I've never been a die hard River/Doctor shipper (I've always thought that Moffat had something more clever cooking for her) but especially after this episode, I can't believe that she's his wife. Maybe a sort of fling, but I don't think that that's all there is to Professor River Song.

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