Sunday, May 29, 2011

Doctor Who S6 E6 "The Almost People"

I'm going to start off by saying that this post WILL INCLUDE SPOILERS! It's really hard this late in the first half of the season to discuss anything with using spoilers. Fair warning!

This episode written by Matthew Graham is a continuation of last week's "The Rebel Flesh." The Doctor, Amy and Rory are still at the acid factory deciding how to best deal with the group of malicious gangers. The interesting twist this time is that now The Doctor's got a ganger! This proves to be quite a challenge for Amy to deal with. Two Doctor's is quite interesting though, providing a lot of silly moments. Actually, for an end-scene last week that made me think that the Doctor having a ganger would mean complete and utter doom, the reality of it was pretty cool. I also thought it was really neat how the two Doctors even moved in unison at times. The effect of double Matt Smiths was well done.

There is, of course, a return to the theme from last episode of the "Frankenstein effect." The humans are struggling to figure out what their responsibility towards the gangers is, and the gangers are struggling to not get destroyed.

As I mentioned before, Amy has a really hard time deciding how to feel about there being more than one Doctor. She trusts the original Doctor completely, but even though the ganger is essentially the same person, she just can't easily feel the same way towards him.

The most exciting part of this episode falls at the end... we finally find out whether or not Amy is pregnant AND we find out who the eye patch lady is. It blew my mind (but really, Moffat is a huge troll so I'm not surprised that I was surprised) when it turned out that the Amy who we've been with since... probably the beginning of the season, is a ganger. I was becoming somewhat suspicious that she might be when it was shown that gangers and their originals have a weak telepathic connection, but I did not expect to be right. The question now is... how and why was an Amy duplicate created? And how did the two switch? I'm going to gloat a bit and say... I KNEW IT about the eye patch lady. I think it might have had some sort of inspiration from the 2-1B medical droids from Star Wars. For some reason, I just knew that she was a nurse or something related to Amy's pregnancy.

So what do we still need to figure out? Well obviously, we still need to know who River Song is. And also, who was that little Time Lord girl from "Day of the Moon?" Is she Amy's child? If not, who IS Amy's child. I can't wait to find out!

Until next week (and the mid-season finale) DFTBA!

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