Saturday, May 7, 2011

Doctor Who S6, E3 "The Curse of the Black Spot"

Ok, so before I even start, did you know that there's a Doctor Who channel on Pandora? Awesomeness.

I really liked this most recent episode. Written by Steve Thompson, it was a break from the heaviness of the first two episodes. Really, it was just fun! There's not a whole lot to talk about this week because this was a fun, sort of disconnected episode, but here goes:

We start off on a pirate ship, where one of the crew has just been given a dreaded black spot. When this happens, a mysterious apparition emerges from the sea; a "siren." Throughout the episode more and more crew members are taken by the siren, as a single touch of her finger seemingly dissolves you. Havoc ensues as The Doctor, Amy and Rory try to solve the Siren's mystery and save the crew.

Although devoid of almost all continued plot from episodes one and two, the mysterious Eye Patch Lady from the orphanage makes a reappearance, speaking to Amy, and being heard or seen by no one else. The Doctor also loses the TARDIS as a malfunction causes it to disappear while he's outside. BUT THEN he gets is back and this we get this wonderful moment:

Not to give away too much, but Rory dies AGAIN. I feel kind of bad for him at this point, but on the other hand he's probably set some kind of record.

Also, Pirate Pond is pretty awesome. Karen Gillan said on Doctor Who Confidential that she really liked how swishy her coat was! I was pretty impressed with Amy's sword fighting skills too.

Until next week, DFTBA!

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