Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hank Green's 2D Glasses

Ever go to a 3D movie and find yourself getting a headache from the over-the-top graphics? As I mentioned in my Alice in Wonderland blog post, 3D is way popular now and also way overdone. I praised Alice for the subtlety of the effects, but many movies that attempt 3D don’t pull this off. I know it was back when 3D was new, but I still shudder at the memory of Spy Kids 3D. Yeah, you know you remember that atrocity too.

Well, if you are one who gets headaches, or someone who simply doesn’t enjoy 3D, take a look at the “2D Glasses” developed by VlogBrother Hank Green. The glasses allow you to view a 3D movie as a normal film. No more headaches or nausea from things jumping at your face!

Hank tells the story of his invention in his video about it all, which you can view here.

There’s also a website for the new product, which you can get to here. It explains all about how the glasses work, and how you can get a pair for yourself.

And you can now buy them here on Amazon as well!

I think that this idea is terrific. Personally, 3D doesn’t usually bother me, but I know lots of people who can’t stand it. I might have to buy myself a pair to lend out to people so they can come to the movies with me!


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